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What Can onesundown productions Do for You?

Update: As of August 17th, 2016 I am living in Copenhagen and will be focusing on continuing my career in horology! 加油!

Personal Mac Training: As a former Creative at Apple and an Adjunct Professor at USF I have a unique ability to help you learn all kinds of things on your Mac.

Website Design & Creation: Over the last year I've learned a lot about how to hand-code websites in addition to working with clients' design dreams. Let's chat about your vision and see what we can do to make it happen.

Collaboration on Multimedia Projects: I've helped individuals and groups with Audio, Video, Presentation, and Animation alchemy.

Copy Writing & Editing: Get help with your compositions and receive the kind of feedback that will allow your written work to stand out.

+ Creative Technical Solutions that may even go beyond your computer.

Timepiece (Wristwatch) Consulting: My greatest passion at this point is horology (timekeeping and timepieces) and I provide wristwatch authentication, complete descriptions/copy, and appraisal. If you are looking for help in selecting the perfect wristwatch, I am also available for personal shopping at my regular rate (I do not earn commission on sales). Already, I have united several happy clients with great timepieces, to suit their personality, that range greatly in price and exclusivity. In my personal collection, trophies from searching far and wide for the best deal, are the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon to Mars and the blue Tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen reissue Calibre 17. Also of note, I am writing my dissertation on Keeping Time in Depth Psychology.

Please email me with questions so that we can figure out what kind of assistance you may need with your project. Generally the rate is $75 per hour and basic websites start at $2000; which as I'm sure you know is extremely reasonable. For higher level creative and collaborative projects the rate is $100 per hour. Pricing is low since I'm still in school. I want to engage in great experiences with cool people while building up my personal portfolio.

I am deeply invested in the quality of our work.

Please provide at least a 24-hour notice to cancel an appointment. Thank you.

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